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League Update - April 27th

April 27, 2020
Hello Parents / Guardians,

Hopefully this note finds you and your families healthy and safe during this very unique situation. As you are all aware, we have absolutely no idea when our program will return for the enjoyment of all our playing members.

I am working during these times with our Governing Bodies (Greater Toronto Hockey League, Ontario Hockey Federation and of course Hockey Canada) on different scenarios that may occur. All of these scenarios will not come into play until the Government of Ontario and Canada itself deems it safe enough to return to play.

As we mentioned, prior to this note, by June 1, 2020 we will hopefully open up online registration. The idea of registering for a program that you are not sure when it starts and how involved it will be upon the return is very confusing. We are registering players for a total deposit of $25.00 that will be refundable at anytime. We are doing this to help give us an idea of numbers of players in divisions as it will be a quick turnaround once we are given permission to start. Once start-up is determined we will let everyone know the total cost and then proceed to charge the remaining amount over 2 payments to help ease the financial burden to parents and guardians.  

Below are some links to some fun exercises that our young playing members and their siblings may be interested in doing during their time inside. Our friend Greg Schell form Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment has designed these to help keep our players active during this time.

MLSE Camp at Home

Camp at Home MLSE - Indoor Skating

Camp at Home MLSE - All in the Wrist

Camp at Home MLSE - Control

Camp at Home MLSE - Push Pull

Ed Wahl
SHA Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders